Exhibit Highlights

CTHM Chuck Wagon

The hearth and home of every trail drive was the chuck wagon. Rolling kitchen and commissary, it was where the coffee, the grub, and the conversation started and ended each day. Our camp kitchen is authentic down to the Dutch ovens, and features a delightfully humorous interactive game for younger visitors.

From _Pointing Them North_

Still frame from our original movie, Pointing Them North

Interpretive Exhibits The centerpiece of the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum is our main exhibit, titled The Ranching Heritage of the Guadalupe River Valley. Visitors will experience a walk through time and legend – the story of cattle ranching in the Guadalupe Valley, its roots in cattle ranching before and after the Great Cattle drives of the late 1800s, and the enduring folklore of the Texas cowboy. Rich local history is brought to life, including the infamous Sutton Taylor War, which pitted cattle rustling outlaws against frontier justice – introducing lawmen such as the legendary Texas Rangers. Highly selective curation of objects for authenticity puts you that much closer to history. And, there is something for everyone – interactive displays engage younger visitors with delight and humor, oral history videos showcase classic Western craftsmanship, and your visit concludes with an original short film, Pointing Them North, in the Stars Along the Rawhide Trail Theater.

Horsemen of the Americas - Tinker Collection, CTHM

The horse-related artifacts in the Tinker Collection reveal a high degree of craftsmanship in saddle and spur making in Latin America during the golden age of the vaquero. Ceremonial objects showcase exquisite silversmithing.

Horsemen of the Americas – Tinker Collection Within the main exhibit floor is an area devoted to this collection of rare cowboy artifacts from North and South America. On permanent loan to the CTHM from the Harry Ransom Center (HRC) at The University of Texas at Austin, the Tinker Collection showcases the pride of craft shared by horsemen north and south of our borders in the golden age of working cattle on horseback. The exquisite workmanship of horse-related and ceremonial artifacts demonstrates a high level of artisanship. We are very proud to partner with the HRC to bring this very special collection to the public.