Ranching Heritage of the Guadalupe Valley

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2018 Taste of the Trail Live Auction Items

1. Teak Wood Root Table

A unique table that traveled all the way from Indonesia and landed in beautiful DeWitt County!  

2. Wilderness Scavenger Hunt with Your Best Friends!

When was the last time that you competed in a game with friends and ended up laughing so much that your stomach hurt?  Tonight, the CTHM is offering a twist on the memorable scavenger hunt that when given the clues, you’ll certainly not recognize it as any scavenger hunt from your childhood!  

3. Chandeleur Islands Adventure

Enjoy these exclusive fishing excursions and two night stay for four guests unique to Southern Louisiana.  

4. Smitty Smitty Bang Bang!

In honor of David “Smitty” Smith, Cindy and Paul Holcomb, Sr., Gina and Paul Holcomb, Jr.  and Mary and Kevin Keating have graciously donated a limited edition pair of Single Action Shooting Society Ruger Vaquero Revolvers chambered in the traditional long Colt .45 with consecutive serial numbers.  

5. Go Ruby Go!

Round Up 25 of your favorite compadres at CTHM to cheer on our beloved Ruby Begonia as she races down Esplanade to beat her rival, Paycheck, from Worthington, MN! You will enjoy the best view in town - right in the middle of the action!  

6. Spurs that Jingle, JangleJingle….

In honor of one of Cuero’s favorite Cowboys, Dee Sager and family have donated this exclusive pair of Oscar Crockett Spurs with spur leathers, from Bucky Sager’s personal collection!   

7. Good Ole Henry!

If you missed out on any of the Henry rifles at previous Taste of the Trail events, you are in luck! We are proud to present our first NEW ORIGINAL Colt .45 Henry rifle - hand crafted and designed from the original patent by Benjamin Tyler Henry!  

8. An Italian Holiday in Private Villa

Tuscany was no secret to the Etruscans or Romans.  Along with today’s Italians, one can find endless layers of archeology, culture, spectacular cuisine, and just about any of the other pleasures in life all wrapped up in the region of Italy known as Tuscany.  Imagine yourself, friends and family exploring this unique region of the world from your own private Italian villa approximately an hour north of Florence.   

9. Weekend at Woleeta

Round up 4 couples and join us in November at the breathtaking Woleeta Hill Ranch. This two-night stay will include guided quail hunting, gourmet meals, libations and wonderful accommodations!   

10. Rocky Mountain Escape in Autumn 

For many years Vail, Colorado used a motto, “Winter is Great, But Summer is Why We Live Here.”  Yes, summer visitors to Vail experience beautiful weather and a less-busy environment, but September in Colorado, specifically Vail, is a wonderful secret that many people have come to enjoy.

11. Mess With The Bull” by Matt Tumlinson

Matt Tumlinson is a multifaceted artist, raised in rural central Texas, currently residing in San Antonio. Although, his career as a full time artist began in 2014, art has been a common thread and constant presence throughout his life.

12. Murder at the Deadwood Saloon- Murder Mystery Dinner at the CTHM

For weeks, people have been pouring into the small western town of Deadwood for the biggest poker tournament this side of the Mississippi. From outlaws to marshals and saloon girls to southern belles, everyone has made this small western frontier town THE place to be.

13. The Legendary Longhorn– “A Steer In The Right Direction”!

Honoring the spirit of those who blazed the Chisholm Trail in 1866, D. Jennings Steen lassoed this Longhorn steer to lend authenticity to your pasture.

14. Fly High Over Your DeWitt County Range

Join Retired Continental Airlines Captain Rick Doak as you take to the skies for a personalized one-hour flight over the DeWitt County area.  Take in the phenomenal views and fly over your own spread.


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